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What Equipment Should Prepare for Fried Peanut Business?

Release Lime: 2022-03-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The peanut frying production line can be used not only for peanuts and other nut products, but also for puffed food, flour products, meat products, aquatic products products and other products. It can be widely used in casual fast food processing, tea restaurant,bakery, cake room, Chinese restaurant,beverage store, western restaurant,coffee shop, etc.So,what equipment are used in the peanut frying production line, and what are the advantages.
fried peanut making machine

Main Equipment And Advantages Of Peanut Frying Production Line:

1. Wet peeling machine:

Using wet process, it is a special equipment specially used for peeling peanuts, broad beans, soybeans and almonds.
Advantages: The peanut peeling machine has a high stripping rate, the finished product after stripping is not broken, the color is bright, the surface is not browned, and the protein is not denatured. At the same time of undressing, the pi rice is automatically separated, which has high efficiency and simple operation.

2. Peanut continuous fryer

Peanut continuous frying machine can choose electric heating, gas heating, external heating and other methods. It is a smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water mixed frying equipment.

3. Dehydration and deoiling machine

The fried peanuts need to be deoiled. The peanut deoiling equipment adopts the inner cylinder rotating and centrifugal method as its working principle, and the oil contained on the surface of the peanut is thrown out through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder.
Advantages: The peanut deoiling machine automatically turns over and discharges the material, which is easy to operate and has a low failure rate.

4. Cooler

It is dried by natural wind with large air volume and low noise, and is designed to be turned over and conveyed several times. It has a reverse and anti-air device to prevent the dead angle of drying, and the cooling effect is good.
Advantages: The speed of the equipment is adjustable, the conveying is stable, and the efficiency is high.

5. Deep-fried peanut drum seasoning machine

This snack seasoning machine is mainly used for the stirring of seasoning powder in the later stage of food processing or the powder coating and blending of raw materials.
Advantages: simple structure, easy operation and safe use.
fried peanut flavoring machine

6. Fried Peanut Multi-Head Scale Packing Machine

It can automatically complete functions such as measuring, blanking, sealing, slitting, and counting.
Advantages: stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection.

Characteristics of Peanut Frying Production Line:

In response to the needs of customers in different scenarios, our company has developed a complete peanut frying production line. The production line includes a complete set of production equipment from raw materials to frying. The modular equipment can be freely combined according to customer needs. The production capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h, and there are fully automatic and semi-automatic options.
If you need large-scale processing of broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nut products, please contact us. Our company's account managers and product engineers will provide professional service support according to your needs! Any problem you can contact email to [email protected]