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How To Choose Suitable Peanut Roaster?

Release Lime: 2022-03-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanut is an important economic crop, which can be eaten raw or pressed for oil. In addition, the roasted peanuts can be processed into various snacks, such as spicy peanuts. Large quantities of peanut roasting are inseparable from peanut roasting equipment, so how can you choose a peanut roasting machine that suits you?

According To Demand

At present, our company's peanut roasting machine are mainly divided into drum roasting equipment, continuous roasting equipment, and continuous roasting and cooling equipment. The three devices have slightly different functions. The latter two can be processed continuously, and the third can be cooled after baking. If you want to reduce manpower, you can choose continuous equipment. In order to meet the diversified market demands, the peanut roasting machine can be customized according to your own needs.

According to Technical Level

The technical level of peanut roasting machine is related to peanut roasting process, technology, energy consumption, etc., and is the key element of equipment purchase. Our company's peanut roasting machine relies on the latest processing technology, and on the basis of maintaining low energy consumption, the roasting is more uniform, and the quality of the finished product after roasting is excellent.
choose peanut roasing machine

According to Service Capacity

The peanut roasting machine generally has a large input cost and belongs to the core finished product and precision equipment of the nut roasting and processing production line. For customers who invest in equipment, the official production of peanut roasting machine is by no means the end of the partnership, but the starting point of a new journey of cooperation.
You can choose to cooperate with our company to choose the peanut roasting machine that suits you.Our company has been committed to the research and development of food machinery for many years, relying on industry-university-research cooperation with universities and a professional product development engineer team, we strive to make equipment closer to the industry and customer needs.
The peanut roasting machine can not only roast peanuts, but also roast soybeans,almonds,cocoa and other nuts;in addition, it can be combined with other equipment to form a nut roasting seasoning, coating peanut production line, etc.The machine is multi-purpose to maximize your investment income.
If you have the purchase intention of peanut roasting machine,we are willing to provide you with considerate professional services and carry out multi-field cooperation in food processing.