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What Equipment Is Needed To Build a Nut Processing Factory?

Release Lime: 2022-01-19 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In view of the low level of automation and low equipment output in the nut processing industry, our factory has designed a nut roasting production line for different nuts. Based on the existing common equipment as much as possible, new functions and new elements have been added to meet the needs of individual needs of a nut food factory. The main processes of the nut roasting production line in food factories include stone removal, seasoning, roasting, packaging and other processes. This article takes roasting and cooling machines and seasoning machines as examples to show you the scope of application, working principle and characteristics of the main equipment of the nut roasting production line in food factories.

nut processing plant machines

Continuous roasting and cooling integrated machine

Roasting and cooling machine working principle:

Mainly used for roasting almonds, broad beans, coffee beans, cashews, chestnuts, almonds and other materials. The equipment has baking and cooling functions and is suitable for batch continuous production. The equipment is driven by the motor-driven chain to spread the nut material forward on the mesh belt. The roasting part exchanges heat energy with the material through the hot air passing through the material layer to achieve high-quality roasting. The cooling part passes through the material layer and the material through cold air. Heat energy exchange to achieve rapid cooling of materials. The chain-plate conveying structure makes the material move forward smoothly, eliminating the peeling phenomenon caused by the mutual rolling friction between the materials, and the baked material has a uniform color and no damage.

Features of Baking and Cooling Integrated Machine:

1. Wide application range: wider application range, higher quality baked products;
2. High baking quality: the material after baking is uniform in color and without damage;
3. Constant temperature baking to ensure the flavor: The equipment adopts a thermostat and temperature sensor to intelligently and accurately control the temperature, which effectively ensures that the temperature is always kept in a stable range, thus ensuring the flavor of the baked material.
4. Fast cooling speed: The cooling section has a high-power fan, and the air duct not only has an air path that penetrates the material up and down, but also has an air path that flows through the surface of the material to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling;
5. Reasonable structural design: the frame adopts a frame structure, and the main beam frame is formed by high-strength channel steel, which is firm and reliable. The furnace section is divided into multiple sections, and there is an anti-thermal expansion and cold contraction structure between the sections. When the machine is used for a long time and repeatedly heated and cooled, it will not fatigue fracture due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. The specially designed dehydration steam function makes the material more crispy. The thermal insulation system adopts high-quality thermal insulation cotton, and the thickness of the thermal insulation layer is thick. When the furnace temperature is above 200 degrees, the external sheet metal is still cold;
6. Simple adjustment: The speed of the chain is adjustable through the frequency converter, and the transmission is stable. Each section has an independent temperature automatic control system, which can check the current temperature and set temperature through the thermostat, and adjust the thickness of the material, the heating temperature and the speed of the mesh belt according to the process requirements during the continuous baking process of the material. convenient;
7. Convenient maintenance: The external maintenance door adopts a quick and easy disassembly structure, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
nut seasoning machine in nut factory

Drum type nut seasoning machine:

Nut flavoring machine working principle:

The drum type food seasoning machine is suitable for food processing enterprises. It is used for stirring of seasoning powder in the later stage of snack food processing such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, and broad beans, or for powder coating and blending of raw materials. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, firm welding, bright surface, easy cleaning and no noise. It has the advantages of simple operation and safe use. It can be seasoned and mixed with different shapes of food.


1. This seasoning machine is of octagonal design, which avoids the disadvantage that the material of the pointed seasoning machine is not rolled. The powder machine can realize the automatic mixing of materials, so it is also called a drum type food seasoning machine, which is easy to use;
2. It is used for all kinds of fried food seasonings, and evenly hangs all kinds of powder and syrup. This mixer product is healthy and easy to clean;
3. Gear motor and gear drive are adopted, so that the fried food is not broken and stirred automatically; the mixture is uniform and the operation is convenient; the output is high; materials, mixtures. The seasoning powder mixer has a simple and practical structure and is mainly used for mixing powder coatings and special materials. The octagon is designed for stainless steel barrels, which avoids the shortcomings of the granular material barrels not being stirred and the materials are not uniformly stirred, so that the processed food seasonings and the required powder can be fully stirred in a short time, and the barrels are automatically tilted to feed the barrels to achieve automatic stirring. , automatic discharge, convenient, no dead ends to detoxify.

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