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Which Brand of Peanut Butter Production Is Suitable ?

Release Lime: 2022-01-26 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanut butter is made from high-quality peanuts and other raw materials. The finished product is hard and tough, with a strong aroma of fried peanuts. High-quality peanut butter is generally light beige, delicate in quality, rich in aroma and free of impurities. Peanut butter is not only rich in vegetable protein, but also rich in vitamins, niacin, minerals, etc. It is rich in nutrients and has a unique flavor. According to different tastes, peanut butter is divided into two kinds: sweet and salty. It is a food with nutritional value and is widely used in Western food. If you want to invest in the processing and production of peanut butter, which brand should you choose?
suitable peanut butter processing factory

Choose Longer Peanut Processing Equipment:

Aiming at the problems of insufficient automation of production equipment, small output, and small scale of production and processing enterprises in the peanut butter industry, Longer Nut Processing Company has developed a complete set of design solutions for peanut butter production lines based on its many years of technical accumulation and R&D experience. This production line can be applied to peanut butter production from 50kg/hour to 5000kg/hour (Note: This article takes the production line of 500kg/hour as an example).

Peanut Butter Processing Process

The technological process of peanut butter production line is: raw material → stone removal → baking → cooling → peeling → selection → sauce grinder → stirring → cooling → filling. Among the common machines:
1. Peanut roasting oven:
This scheme uses a drum roasting machine. This roasting machine adopts a rotary cage structure. During the roasting process, the roasted objects are continuously propelled and turned by the propulsion device in the cage to form an uninterrupted full angle. heated. Using the principles of heat conduction and heat radiation, with hot air as the medium, the heat energy acts on the material, so that the material is heated evenly, with the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, simple and convenient operation;
2. Cooling zone:
the principle of using the fan to extract the hot air is used to cool the roasted peanuts;
3. Half-grain peeling machine:
quickly separate peanut kernels and red coats, the separated peanuts continue to enter the next stage of production process, and peanut red coats are collected into waste bins for processing;
4. Belt conveyor:
pick unqualified peanuts and some impurities;
5. Peanut butter grinding machine:
This equipment is driven by a motor, which drives the rotating teeth (or called the rotor) and the matching fixed teeth (or called the stator). There is an adjustable tiny gap between the two grinding bodies. When the material passes through this gap, due to the high-speed rotation of the rotor (the linear speed is generally 13-40m/s), the speed of the material attached to the rotor surface is the maximum, while the speed of the material attached to the stator surface is zero. In this way, a sharp velocity gradient is generated, so that the material is subjected to physical effects such as strong shearing, friction, high-frequency vibration, and high-speed vortex, so that the material is effectively emulsified;
6. Condenser:
Cool the ground peanut butter;
7. Filling:
filling and packaging.

Peanut Butter Production Line Characteristics: 

1. High degree of mechanization, good performance, fully enclosed production. It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance and corrosion resistance;
2. High output: This production line can be continuously produced, and the used equipment such as roasting machine and sauce mill can adjust the output according to the quantity of materials;
3. The effect of the finished product is good: imitating artificial methods to restore the original taste of peanut butter as much as possible;
4. Wide range of uses and complete varieties: it can process high-quality stable peanut butter, granular peanut butter and ordinary peanut butter. It can also produce stable and ordinary sesame paste;
5. Environmental protection and energy saving: This production line adopts equipment with high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can effectively increase the production volume while reducing the overall energy consumption.
If you have any questions about peanut butter processing, feel free to contact us. We can provide suitable peanut butter processing solutions according to the specific needs of customers.