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Equipment Introduction Of Continuous Frying And Seasoning Production Line For Broad Bean

Release Lime: 2022-06-21 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Broad bean is the third most important winter food bean crop in the world. Broad bean has high nutritional value, and its protein content is 25%-35%. Broad beans are also rich in sugar, minerals, vitamins, calcium and iron. Broad beans have a very important value in life. It can be used as a traditional ration, as well as a modern green food and nutritional health food.
Broad beans can be processed into fried broad beans. Do you know the process of frying broad beans? Today, we will learn about the main equipment for broad bean frying through the broad bean continuous frying and seasoning production line.
fried borad bean

1. Technical Process Of Deep Frying And Seasoning Of Broad Bean

The technical process of broad bean frying and seasoning is: broad bean → selection → soaking → opening → dehydration → frying → oil cooling → deoiling → seasoning → weighing and packaging → finished product.

1. Selection And Cleaning Of Broad Beans

Raw materials will affect the quality of the product, so be sure to choose good quality broad beans. Spray cleaning can be used to effectively remove stains on the surface of raw broad beans.

2. Soak

The ratio of soaking water to broad bean is 3:1. Generally, soak for 24-48 hours according to the type of broad bean. The broad bean is about to germinate and is easy to peel.

3. Open And Drain

Divide the black part of the broad bean head, and use a centrifugal dehydrator to remove excess water on the surface.

4. Broad Bean Fried

The oil used should be reasonably stable, not easy to be oxidized, and bright in color. When the oil temperature is about 120 ℃, put the drained broad beans in the continuous fryer. At this time, the proportion of oil and beans should be appropriate, and the broad beans can be removed when they are crispy.

5. Deep-Fried Broad Bean Seasoning

Add the fried seasonings to the seasoning machine, pour in the fried broad beans and mix well.

6. Cool And Crisp

The freshly prepared broad beans should be cooled and crisped in order to ensure the quality of the product because they have been heated and have seasonings on the surface.
broad bean frying machine

2. Main Equipment Of Continuous Frying And Seasoning Production Line For Broad Bean

1. Continuous Fryer

The continuous fryer is composed of an automatic belt conveying system, a lifting system, a refueling system, and an oil temperature control system. This fryer can use electricity, gas and diesel as power sources to realize industrial production. In order to prevent excessive oil oxidation, the continuous frying equipment heats the central part of the oil layer and controls the temperature of the oil in the upper and lower layers; the double-layer belt can make the broad beans fry evenly, and the broad beans are fried between the two layers of metal ribbons, not randomly run away; the stainless steel ribbon can adjust the speed to convey broad beans to prolong the service life of the oil; and can automatically filter the frying oil and control the oil temperature during the continuous food frying process. The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, long working time, labor saving and easy maintenance.

2. Fried Broad Bean Seasoning Machine

The seasoning machine can fully mix the processed food seasoning and the required powder in a short period of time, and automatically tilt the feeding out of the barrel to realize automatic stirring and automatic discharging, which is convenient and has no dead ends. It can be seasoned and mixed with different shapes of food.
According to the characteristics of broad beans, our company has developed a set of solutions for fried broad beans, which can improve the quality of fried broad beans while saving energy and raw material consumption. If you have any questions about fava bean processing, please call us.