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Nigeria Df Company Develops New Fields Of Peanut Roasting And Peanut Candy Processing

Release Lime: 2022-06-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
DF Nigeria is mainly engaged in the manufacture, export and distribution of agricultural related products and the distribution of fast moving consumer goods. In addition to this, it is also involved in the production and packaging of food and beverages. Founded in 2005, DF is responsible for the export and local distribution of agricultural products, and has been diversifying its portfolio of commercial interests and activities over the years. As a major player in Nigerian grain exports, it has a solid reputation among exporters and local buyers, market traders and farmers, especially in peanuts.

Professional Project Management

Currently, peanut roasting and peanut candy processing are planned by DF as new business areas, and the company CEO is personally responsible for the implementation of the project. The CEO of DF has a good international education background and has more than 20 years of experience working with well-known global organizations. During his nearly 25 years as CEO of DF, he has demonstrated professionalism with solid business skills and excellent negotiation skills. The CEO of DF is most concerned about whether the supplier can provide complete solutions, installation services and efficient customer service.

peanut candy making machine factory

Only More Professional Can Be Recognized

After learning about the needs of DF Company, we timely provided a complete set of solutions for peanut roasting and peanut candy processing according to the customer's situation, and attached the solution introduction and plant equipment layout for customers' reference. During the communication with the CEO of DF Company, video conferences were arranged for many times to efficiently solve new problems raised by customers. Lange Nut Company put the problems involved in the solution in front, and the CEO of DF Company recognized the company's professionalism and signed a cooperation agreement.

"For a long time, I have always adhered to the principle of professionalism in business management. This time, Longer Food Machinery Company has also withstood my strict test. I am looking forward to the arrival of peanut roasting and peanut candy processing production lines, and I firmly believe that in the future There will be more continuous cooperation between the two sides.”
——CEO of DF Company
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