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How To Choose Equipment For Almond Baking Processing?

Release Lime: 2022-06-28 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Almond is one of the four famous dried fruits in the world. For office workers, in order to increase the variety of breakfast foods, almonds are often added; for mental workers, almonds are a good snack to supplement energy; for those who lose weight, almonds are used as salads, which is a must-have food for weight loss.
Almond is simply a popular star among nuts. Almond sales are big. In the market, the proportion of new baked and processed snacks made from almond wood is gradually increasing. Today, I will take you to understand the processing process, main equipment and equipment selection method of almond wood.

1. Almond Roasting and Seasoning Processing Process

The process flow of almond roasting processing is: almond - shelling - separation of shell and kernel - grading of nuts - roasting - cooling - seasoning - packaging.

2. The Main Equipment Of Almond Roasting Processing

1. Continuous Roasting And Cooling Machine

The continuous roasting and cooling integrated machine has roasting and cooling functions and is suitable for batch continuous production. The equipment is driven by a large stick chain driven by a motor to spread the almonds forward on the mesh belt. The baking part exchanges heat energy with the almonds through the hot air passing through the material layer to achieve high-quality roasting. The cooling part passes through the cold air. The heat energy is exchanged with the almond through the material layer to achieve rapid cooling of the almond. The chain plate conveying structure makes the material move forward smoothly, eliminating the peeling phenomenon caused by the mutual rolling friction between the almonds, and the baked material has a uniform color and no damage. It can also be used for roasting peanuts, almonds, cashews and other materials.

2. Drum Type Food Seasoning Machine

 The drum type food seasoning machine is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, firm welding, bright surface, easy cleaning and no noise. It has the advantages of simple operation and safe use. It can season and mix foods of different shapes.
almond flavoring machine price
The seasoning powder mixer has a simple and practical structure, and can also be used for the stirring of seasoning powder in the later stage of processing of snack foods such as cheese, potato chips, French fries, fruit chips, peanuts, and broad beans, or the powder coating and blending of raw materials. The octagon is designed as a stainless steel bucket, which can make the seasoning of the processed food and the required powder fully mixed in a short time, and automatically tilt the feeding out of the bucket to realize automatic stirring and automatic discharging, which is convenient and has no dead ends.

3. Selection Of Almond Roasting Processing Equipment

After years of experience accumulation, our company has mature and reliable almond roasting processing solutions, focusing on the roasting process, through the regulation of temperature and mechanical stress, to retain the nutritional value, product quality and aroma of almonds; personalized Customized, born for differentiation, to develop more added value for almond processing; achieve strict food safety indicators, excellent roasting quality and high production flexibility through a one-stop total solution.
If you are interested in almond roasting processing, you are welcome to visit our company's research and development factory for inspection and exchange and cooperation.