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Cost of opening a chopstick making factory

Release Lime: 2018-02-12 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With the growth of people use chopsticks, the market demands become biger and biger. Now, the chopstick making industry is the spring industry, more and more people want to open the factory.As a manufacturer of chopstick making machine, in the passage, I will show you cost of chopstick making factory.
chopstick making machine cost
A. Raw material:
1.A log of wood birch wood, as long as wood doesn't contain harmful substances to the human body, and no special odors can be used. The ideal material is: poplar birch, the color is white, do not need to bleach, the wood toughness is suitable is the ideal material for making disposable chopsticks.
2.There are many kinds of bamboos. Bamboo can produce different products. Bamboo can be made: food sticks, barbecue sticks, etc.  disposable single round chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks, etc.
B. Factory requirements:
Should have ventilated ventilation window, area: 30---200 square metre, see scale size, had better be to have courtyard to be able to pile up raw material.
C. Power Distribution requirements:
380V power power, capacity :5kw---20kw.Also can be customized according to customer's needs.
D. Capital requirements of factory staff:
This factoes according to how large size you want the factory is.
E. raw material guidance price:
Wood and bamboo is very cheap in the market.
As long as you have the above conditions, the factory can be said to be natural, without any worries.
Our chopstick making machine has the advantage of well-designed, advanced technology, we can not promise you the lowest price, but we can say that we can provide the most reasonable price.
If you have great interest in our chopstick making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
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