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How To Crack And Shell Almonds Quickly

Release Lime: 2021-12-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Almonds are rich in nutritional value and are a kind of nut kernel that we often eat. But the almonds we eat are not like this. Almonds are actually the seeds of apricots with a hard shell on the outside. When we bought almonds, there was no such hard shell anymore, because the food processing plant has used the almond shelling production line to remove the hard shell. So How to crack and shell almonds quickly?
The almond shelling production line is mainly composed of screening machines, almond shelling machines, shell kernel separators and other machines. According to different output sizes, the equipment of the production line should be adjusted accordingly. The almond shelling production line is suitable for large-volume flow operations, with clean shelling, high integrity rate and easy cleaning.
how to shell almond
Precautions for the operation of almond shelling machine:
1. Before the peeling operation, all personnel participating in the peeling operation should be given safety education and be familiar with the structure, performance and operation methods of the peeling machine.
2. Workers participating in shelling operations should wear work clothes. Female comrades should bring long hair into work caps. Scarves are not allowed to work. Miscellaneous personnel and minors are not allowed to approach the work area.
3. Before starting the machine, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the peeling machine, especially the inspection of the safety protection components. It is required that there is no looseness and no missing parts, and it is strictly prohibited to use it in violation of regulations.
5. All tools and metal objects used by the sheller are strictly prohibited to be placed in the rack and feeding hopper.
6. The power supply of the peeler must be switched on or off by a full-time electrician, and it should have reliable grounding protection, leakage protection, and electric shock protection devices.
7. Before starting the machine, the specified signal should be sent out. After the shelling machine runs for 10 to 15 minutes, and it is confirmed that there is no abnormal situation, it can be fed evenly and continuously for operation. There should be 5~10 minutes idling time to clean up the kernels and shells before stopping the machine.