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Dry Moringa Leaves Grinding Machine

By:Wendy  Time:2018-02-22

The Dry Moringa Leaves Grinding Machine uses a wind wheel high-speed rotating tool and a fixed cutter crushing, crushing and cutting of raw materials, accompanied by a strong indoor air flow through the screen to the finished product heating. Particle size can be achieved by changing the screen.

This moringa grinding machine uses the relative motion between fixed gear and fixed gear to make the comminuted material bear the combined effect of such as the impact of teeth, friction, the impact between raw materials and finally smash the raw materials. It is characterized by simple structure, strong, stable operation, high crushing efficiency. Pulverized material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. In addition, by changing the screen, you can get different size of crushed raw materials.

Crushing chamber equipped with wind wheel rotary cutter, the indoor air full combustion, eliminate indoor heat. It has smooth operation, easy disassembly, low noise, high crushing efficiency.

Use and features:
1 ultra-high speed pure copper motor and high-end bearings
2 quickly crush a variety of hard and soft cereals and herbs.
3 only half a minute, the general multi-grain can be crushed into 50-300 mesh powder, uniform.
4 for family, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical processing agencies, laboratories, research institutions.