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Factors Affecting the Quality of Roasted Peanuts

Release Lime: 2022-08-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The roasted peanuts increase the layer of taste and aroma experience, and are generally welcomed by consumers. With the rise of peanut roasting, peanut roasting equipment has also been popular. Drum roasting machines are widely favored by investors due to their small footprint and flexible processing methods. Today, we will discuss the two major factors that affect the quality of peanuts roasted by the drum roaster, the heat generated during the roasting process and the moisture content of the peanuts.
 drum type peanut roasting machine

1. Drum Roaster Heating Type

The amount of heat a tumbler can generate is a key factor in determining optimal capacity. Roasters with more powerful heat sources can generate enough heat to allow the peanuts to heat up quickly at the start of roasting, which is critical to the development of peanut flavor. By knowing the roaster and the heat it produces, you can determine how many batches to roast.
When determining the amount of roasting in a single batch, it is also important to consider the construction material of the drum roaster, and the distribution design of the magnetron during heating. If the layout design of the drum roaster is unreasonable, the roasted peanuts will be different in taste, color and degree of maturity.
It is important to know which tumbler toaster to use. Including the tumbler's rated capacity, its construction, and how the materials it uses retain heat, and knowing the power in the thermal energy, it's a good idea to determine the ideal single-batch roasting size for a tumbler.

2. Consider the Status of Peanuts

The variety of peanuts we use will also affect our setting for roasting a single batch. The density, humidity, and shape and size of peanuts all affect heat absorption. Only by knowing the density, moisture content, shape and size of the peanuts, can the energy required for roasting these peanuts be reasonably calculated, and then the roasting amount can be set more accurately through sample roasting. You know, the initial stage after the peanuts enter the furnace requires a lot of thermal energy to heat all the water molecules in the peanuts.
The peanut roasting machine developed by our company can meet the roasting and processing of different varieties of peanuts. In the continuous research and development and upgrading, we continue to pursue the maximum utilization of heat energy, as well as the uniform processing of peanut roasting, so as to ensure the uniform roasting color of each batch of peanuts,and aroma is strong.
If you need peanut roasting machine for your nut business , or want to know more about drum roasters, you are always welcome to inquire.