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Quickly Understand the Processing Technology of Almond Peeler

Release Lime: 2022-08-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
As we all know, almonds are not only surrounded by shells, but also tightly wrapped with a layer of skin, and the skin has a bitter taste. When processing almond milk, almond oil, almond flour and other foods, in order to ensure the taste, the almonds must be peeled, which requires an almond peeler. Today, we will take you to understand the processing technology of almond peeling machine.
 almond peeling machine technology

Processing Technology of Almond Peeling Machine

At present, the almond peeling machines on the market include wet type almond peeling machines and dry peeling machines.
The wet peeling machine needs to blanch the almonds with high temperature and hot water before peeling, which is mostly used for the peeling process, and is suitable for the later frying process. With the development of technology, dry half peeling machine began to be used in the field of almond peeling. Different from the former, the almonds need to be roasted to make the moisture less than 5% before dry peeling, and then peeled by differential rolling friction. The dry peeling equipment has two functions of peeling and separating. The almond peeling is uniform, the half-grain rate is low, the production efficiency is high, and it is also convenient for subsequent deep processing.

Performance Advantages of Almond Peeling Machine

1. Guaranteed Peeling Effect

By innovating processing technology and optimizing equipment performance, the processed almonds can be peeled more evenly, with a lower breakage rate, and improve the quality and aesthetics of the finished product;

2. The Equipment Runs Stably

Under the specified working environment, the operation of the equipment should be stable for a long time, including the quality of the finished peeled almonds and the accuracy of the equipment parts. Continuously strengthen the precision of the parts of the almond peeling equipment, improve the wear resistance, vibration resistance, thermal stability, etc. of the equipment, and reduce the follow-up maintenance costs of the production enterprise;

3. Increase Automation

Nowadays, the competition in the food industry is fierce, and the quality of finished products has become a key consideration for food companies when selecting equipment. By improving the automation level of the equipment and configuring the PLC automatic control system for the equipment, the labor participation rate is reduced, the human factor pollution is reduced, and the labor cost burden of the enterprise is reduced.
With the trend of plant-based diets, the almond market continues to expand, driving the development of the market for almond processing equipment such as peelers. When upgrading equipment, our company pays attention to the research and development of new technologies and the optimization of the overall design of the equipment. While enhancing the stability of equipment operation, it continuously improves the automation level of the equipment.
If you have the needs of almond peeling machine, you are welcome to inquire. Our company will provide you with a personalized almond processing solution that fits your needs.Email to [email protected]