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Temperature for Frying Fava Beans

Release Lime: 2022-08-09 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Broad beans are low in calories, rich in nutrients, invigorating qi and strengthening the spleen, and reducing dampness and swelling. Especially in terms of nourishing nerves, strengthening the brain and improving intelligence, the effect is even stronger than that of walnuts. There are many ways to process broad beans in life, among which fried broad beans are the most popular. Fried broad beans are popular among the public because of their rich nutritional value, crispy and delicious, and easy to eat. However, frying broad beans according to the traditional method and making a small amount of experience, the product quality is difficult to control.
Today, we take you to our company's research and development factory, follow the product engineer to understand the influence of factors such as gelatinization temperature, oil temperature, frying time and other factors on the product quality of broad bean during the frying process of broad bean, for the industrial production of fried broad bean Provide evidence.
Learn how to fry fava beans higher by reading this article. Generally, the frying temperature of broad beans is 180°C, and the frying time is about 10 minutes. The specific frying temperature and time should be adjusted according to the finished product. Our frying equipment can set frying temperature and adjust frying temperature.
fava frying machine temerature
1. Production Process of Broad Bean Processing by Continuous Frying Machine:
The production process of fava beans processed by continuous frying machine: soaking-->opening-->frying-->deoiling-->seasoning-->cooling-->packing-->warehousing inspection.
2, the Operation Points of Continuous Frying Machine Processing Broad Beans
The purpose of frying broad beans is to instantly generate water vapor from the water carried in broad beans at high temperature, so that the broad bean tissue forms fine pores, and the taste is crispy. At the same time, frying is also the process of draining. Frying is a very critical process, and the effect of frying determines the quality of broad beans. The frying temperature, frying time, and anti-oxidation treatment of frying are the most critical factors that affect the finished product of frying.
Turn on the power and check that the continuous fryer is functioning properly. According to the requirements, set the temperature of the feeding port to 185 °C and the temperature of the discharging port to 170 °C. The frying parameters are only valid under the conditions of the relevant specifications, varieties and related pretreatment of broad beans. Different varieties of broad beans and different pretreatment methods should be used. Adjust the frying time and temperature appropriately. Turn on the conveyor belt, and let the opened broad beans enter the continuous fryer for frying. The frying time is 10 minutes. When the broad beans are out of the oven, the color is golden, the taste is crisp, and there is no burnt or soft.
There are less materials in the frying tunnel furnace at the beginning and end of frying, and the oil temperature should be appropriately lowered by 2 to 4 °C to avoid scorching. The process parameters need to be fine-tuned according to the specifications of broad beans, the soaking time and the weather conditions of the day.
The design process of the continuous fryer developed by our company adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively relieve the oxidation degree of the frying oil, automatically filter the residue, and automatically control the temperature, thereby prolonging the service life of the oil. With high processing efficiency, high output and high quality fried products, it is an ideal equipment for continuous frying processing.
If you want to know the detailed solution of continuous frying machine processing broad bean, you are welcome to call for inquiries, and you are also welcome to visit our company and R&D factory to exchange and cooperate.