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Welcome The Leaders Of Henan Food Industry Association To Visit The Company

Release Lime: 2022-07-12 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
On July 6th, Chen Zhenjie, executive vice president of Henan Food Industry Association, Niu Jinghong, secretary general, and Han Tianxu, deputy secretary general, visited our company for inspection and guidance. Our company's president John , consultant Fiona , and supply chain leader Martin warmly received and held discussions.
President John accompanied the leaders of the association to visit the R&D factory and the company culture exhibition hall successively, and introduced the company's development history, main business, core advantages and future plans in detail. Chen Zhenjie and others were full of praise for the equipment developed by the company, and spoke highly of the rapid development of the company in recent years.
"Every time I see a company full of development potential and a vibrant team, it makes people feel excited." At the subsequent symposium, Chen Zhenjie, executive vice president of Henan Food Industry Association, said that over the years Longer Company has been focusing on Industry development opportunities at home and abroad, emancipate the mind, stimulate innovation vitality, and actually invest in scientific and technological research and development, with clear development ideas, accurate positioning, and outstanding advantages, which are rare among Henan food industry enterprises. He said that the association will do its due diligence, build a good platform, integrate resources, innovate services, and effectively help enterprises.
In response to the investigation, Chen Zhenjie, executive vice president of Henan Food Industry Association, hopes that Longer Company can select the right category, continuously improve its industrial design capabilities, and increase the added value of products; achieve single-point breakthroughs as soon as possible, and strengthen the openness and inclusiveness of system solutions ; Focus on the determined direction, refine leading products, effectively integrate domestic and foreign resources; strengthen brand awareness, improve brand awareness, reputation and influence in the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting Henan's economic development and food industry development .