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How is cocoa powder produced in the factory?

Release Lime: 2022-10-27 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Cocoa powder has a strong cocoa aroma and is used to produce cocoa-containing foods such as chocolate, beverages, ice cream, candy, cakes, etc. From cocoa beans to cocoa powder, there are many processes. Below we take you into the factory to understand how cocoa powder is made in the factory.
Generally, cocoa factories process cocoa beans into cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and other finished products, and then sell them to some chocolate factories or small workshops. In addition, the raw materials of cocoa beans for cocoa factories are usually purchased from cocoa producing areas (Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, etc.), with guaranteed quality and low prices.
How is cocoa powder produced in the factory?
How factories make cocoa powder
Cocoa - roasting - cooling - peeling - grinding - water pressure - oil cake breaking - grinding - cocoa powder
1. After the cocoa beans are roasted in a continuous roasting and cooling machine, they will emit a strong cocoa aroma;
2. Use a cocoa bean peeler to peel the roasted cocoa beans and break them into cocoa nibs;
3. The peeled cocoa nibs enter the colloid mill to become cocoa liquor;
4. The ground cocoa liquor needs to be extracted with a hydraulic press and then solidified into cocoa butter;
5. After the cocoa is hydraulically pressed, the remaining oil cake is the cocoa cake;
6. The cocoa cake can become cocoa powder after being crushed twice.
Equipment required for cocoa powder factory:
Our company has absorbed the essence of cocoa powder processing technology from various countries, developed and produced a set of cocoa processing equipment, and realized large-scale and automated production.
The main equipment includes: continuous roasting and cooling integrated machine (drum roasting equipment and continuous roasting equipment can also be selected according to product requirements, but additional cooling equipment is required), cocoa bean peeling machine, cocoa bean grinding machine, hydraulic press, cocoa powder Grinders etc.