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With Kenya Wkl To Create a Modern Cashew Processing Project

Release Lime: 2022-05-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In April 2022, the automatic cashew nut production line jointly built by us and Kenya WKL Company was officially launched after the intensive commissioning and trial operation. WKL opens a new chapter in the modernization of cashew processing.

WKL specializes in macadamia nuts and macadamia oil. The equipment used in the past has suffered from frequent failures and low production due to its age. WKL urgently needs to expand production to meet the order demand. WKL focuses on dried fruit processing, pays attention to product quality, and has high expectations for the production line to be purchased. After word-of-mouth comparison and peer sharing, WKL contacted our company.
kenya cashew processing project

"I have been processing dried fruit for many years, and I know the importance of processing equipment. I put a lot of energy into comparison, and also referred to the suggestions of several colleagues. I think Jergug can achieve my satisfaction."
- Khan, head of WKL
Kenya has excellent climatic conditions, and the cashew nuts produced are of good quality, rich in milk, full of nuts, and fragrant on the lips and teeth. WKL locked its investments in cashews. According to customer needs, we have tailored a number of solutions for cashew nut shelling, roasting, frying, seasoning, etc., covering processing technology, assembly line equipment, and detailed design drawings to specific parameters.

"Before this, I have also contacted other suppliers, either unable to meet our full range of needs; or the solutions provided are simple and not professional enough. Your company is very thoughtful, and I am very down-to-earth."
- Khan, head of WKL

WKL ordered a complete set of automatic cashew nut production line equipment, and will gradually promote the upgrading of macadamia nut processing equipment in the later stage.

"This cooperation is a good starting point, and I firmly believe that we will have further exchanges and cooperation."
- Khan, head of WKL