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How Are Fried Peas Processed?

Release Lime: 2022-05-10 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peas are nutritionally complete, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and mineral nutrients. After processing, the fried peas are golden in color, crispy and delicious, and the salty and fragrant aftertaste is endless. It is a rare delicacy. Now generally use equipment for the processing of fried peas. So now the editor will take you to understand how fried peas are processed and what equipment is used for processing.
The equipment usually used for frying peas are: frying equipment, degreasing equipment, seasoning equipment, packaging equipment, etc.
 processing fried peas

1. Fried Peas Process Flow Chart :

1. Raw Material Selection:

choose peas with full grains and uniform size.

2. Soaking:

Soak the processed peas in water at room temperature for about 6 hours, so that the beans can fully absorb water and expand;

3. Frying:

Drain and dehydrate the soaked peas, and fry for 10 to 12 minutes until the peas are split. We have three types of pea frying equipment for customers to choose from: frame fryer, automatic discharge fryer, continuous fryer. Generally speaking, automatic discharge fryers and continuous frying equipment are sold more. Production is now more inclined to automated production, in order to save labor.

4. Deoiling:

Deoil the fried peas, and remove the oil on the surface and in the cracks;

5. Seasoning:

Mix cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, and pepper powder according to the formula, and stir evenly on the beans; the seasoned fried peas taste better. With the same seasoning equipment, it can produce fried peas with different flavors to help customers apply to the market of different taste lovers.

6. Cooling and Packaging:

Cool the seasoned peas to room temperature naturally, and pack them with packaging film.
peas frying machine

2:Main Equipment Required For Fried Peas

1. Green Peas Frying Machine

According to the output size and demand, the optional categories of fryers are mainly round fryers, frame fryers and continuous fryers. If the processing volume is large and a high degree of automation is required, a continuous fryer is used. These three types of frying machines all use oil-water mixing technology, and the fried peas have a unique flavor, and save energy and frying oil.

2. Fried Peas Deoiler

The fried peas contain a lot of oil. If they are not deoiled, they will not only affect the taste, but also affect the next seasoning process. While improving the deoiling efficiency, the deoiler keeps the peas as intact as possible.

3. Fried Peas Seasoning Machine

Seasoning the fried peas is the finishing touch. Using a seasoning machine can greatly improve the tone
Taste efficiency, seasoning evenly.

4. Cooler

The use of wind to lower the surface temperature of the fried peas facilitates the final packaging process. As the connection between various equipment, it promotes the smoothness of the entire production line.

5. Packaging Machine

Quantitative automatic packaging ensures food quality and facilitates storage and transportation of fried peas.Extend shelf life.

According to the properties of peas, our company summarizes the advantages of domestic and foreign pea processing technologies, develops and manufactures various equipment required for pea processing, and forms a mature and complete pea processing solution.

If you have the intention of purchasing fried pea equipment, please leave your contact information. Our company will provide you with exclusive solutions as soon as possible.