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The Main Equipment Of Peanut Roasting Seasoning Line

Release Lime: 2022-05-05 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanuts are rich in oil and protein, have a strong fragrance, and are widely eaten. They are known as "longevity fruit". Peanuts contain a large amount of protein,carbohydrates and other hydrophilic substances, which are prone to mildew after absorbing water and damp, and are more prone to insect damage and are not easy to store. Therefore, roasting, seasoning and processing peanuts can not only continuously meet the needs of modern society for food diversification, but also find a new way out for sufficient peanut resources. So, what are the core equipment of peanut roasting and seasoning production line?
Peanut roasting and seasoning production line main machines peeling,roasting, seasoning and packing.

1:Peanut Peeling Machine With Water

The peanut skin peeling machine adopts the artificial manual peeling technology. The fully soaked peanuts are poured into the hopper of the peanut peeling machine, and the peeling can be completely peeled off by the pure rubber roller, while the peanuts are not damaged. The whole kernel rate of the peanuts is high, the peeling is clean and thorough, and it is especially suitable for delicious snacks such as alcoholic peanuts and fried peanuts.

2:Continuous Peanut Roasting Machine

The peanuts scattered on the conveyor belt are heated by the continuous peanut roasting machine, and the temperature of the peanuts is increased in a short time, so that the moisture contained in the peanuts evaporates naturally, and the water vapor is discharged in time through the exhaust ventilation system, so as to achieve drying of the peanuts. the goal of. The continuous peanut roasting machine has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.
peanut processing machine main equipment

3:Continuous Drum Peanut Seasoning Machine

The continuous peanut seasoning machine is used for seasoning peanuts. This equipment has an inclination type seasoning drum, which can automatically control the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line. Equipped with a screw powder feeding device, which can be stirred independently while dusting, so that the seasoning will not be deposited, bonded and emptied due to different specific gravity and returning to halogen. Equipped with stirring powder, uniform and accurate quantitative. It integrates electromagnetic, optical control, electronic control and digital delay, and has a high degree of automation.
The peanut roasting and seasoning production line developed and produced by our company can also be used for the processing of instant nuts such as pistachios, cashews, walnuts, almonds, almonds, etc. The equipment can be customized according to the output, with automatic temperature control and simple operation.
If you need peanut roasting and seasoning production line for your peanut business, welcome to visit our company and factory.We will provide you suitable peanut processing solution according to your detail requirement.