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Processing Machine to Make Fried Broad Bean

Release Lime: 2022-04-19 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Broad beans have high nutritional value and are rich in protein, sugar and various trace elements. Broad beans are modern green food and nutritious health food, and also an important export resource. Fresh and tender broad beans can be used to make dishes, and mature broad beans can be fried and seasoned to become daily snacks. So do you know how fried seasoned broad beans are processed? If you invest in broad bean processing, what equipment do you need to buy? I will answer it for you today.
The processing process of broad bean fried seasoning: broad bean peeling - frying - deoiling - cooling - seasoning - packaging. The equipment needed are: peeling machine, broad bean fryer, deoiler, fried broad bean seasoning machine, broad bean packaging machine, etc.
fried broad bean frying machine

1. Broad Bean Fried Seasoning Processing Technology

The processing process of broad bean fried seasoning: broad bean - wet peeling - frying - deoiling - cooling - seasoning - packaging.
Due to the hardness of broad beans, it needs to be soaked for a long time in advance. The peeled broad beans are easier to fry and season, but the common broad beans on the market are not peeled, just cut the broad beans to make it delicious.

2. Processing Equipment of Broad Bean Fried Seasoning Production Line

1. Broad bean wet peeling machine

The wet peeling machine can separate the broad bean skin from the beans and reduce the damage of the broad beans.

2. Broad bean frying equipment

The broad bean frying equipment adopts the water-oil mixed frying technology to ensure the crispy taste of fried broad beans and save frying oil.

3. Deoiler

Deoiling the fried broad beans can save frying oil and facilitate seasoning.

4. Cooler

The fried broad beans generally have a higher temperature, and the cooled broad beans are convenient for subsequent packaging.

5. Broad Bean Seasoning Machine

The biggest feature of the seasoning equipment is that the seasoning is evenly stirred to ensure the quality of the finished product, and the processing efficiency is significantly improved.

6. Fried Broad Bean Packaging Machine

After packaging, the dampness of fried broad beans can be avoided, and the period of storage, transportation and sales can be increased.
Our company focuses on the research and development and manufacture of nut processing equipment, and has formed a mature broad bean fried seasoning production line solution in combination with market demand. In accordance with the principles of on-demand customization, lean production, safe delivery, professional services, installation and commissioning, and operation guidance, we have won wide acclaim from customers with reliable products and services.
The processing equipment of broad bean fried seasoning production line is suitable for processing the fried seasoning of various materials, and truly realizes one input and multiple outputs. If you have any questions about the specific details of the production line processing equipment, please leave your contact information. Our company will provide exclusive solutions according to your specific needs to help you create greater value.