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The Operating Procedures of Oil Making Press

Release Lime: 2016-08-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
automatic oil press

The Operating Procedures of Oil Making Press
Before starting the machine:
The fuel tank cleaned, and add a little hydraulic oil. Check all parts of the bolt is loose. Check wiring connections are correct.
1, before each extract oil preheating, preheating temperature: summer, autumn and 50 degrees -70 degrees, winter and spring of 70 degrees -90 degrees warm-up system of automatic control, without shutting down the temperature control switch.
2. Hold the wrench handle on the roof fully open: the roof and working position of 180 degrees, to the bottom of the pad pressing tang good cushion, the Pistons fell into place and set aside.
3, each crushing empty before running 1-2 times, such as winter and spring, hydraulic oil tone, empty machine should run for 5-10 minutes, the oil thinning, easy to operate.
4, the oil has been fried, drained smoke, loaded squeeze tang.
5, at the upper end of the oil squeezed tang good cushion pad, the separator plate pressing on the tang end face of a plug into the juice tang. If less oil, the oil can be increased at boot time, so keep the oil at the end face on a plane slightly lower than virgin Tang; otherwise, do not join the upper Han plate, lift the manual valve handle, turn the press.
6, the hydraulic machine must have special operation, the host in boosting process can not leave people, 55 MPa pressure gauge when the main motor is stopped, otherwise it should immediately turn off the power and check pressure gauge damage, malfunction, whether AC contactor damage, if damaged should be replaced immediately, check and correct before turning on power use.
7, when the gauge rose to 55 MPa, electrical control system automatically stops when the pressure drops to squeeze tang 45 MPa, electric control system automatically open, pressure gauge rise again, pressing oil-tang oil leaking seam representing the oil has been pressing to do.
8, shutdown, hold the pressure of the manual valve spool at the manual valve handle so pressed down to keep up with the top jamb 10 mm, lift the manual valve lever to open the Han board.
9, power, oil cake rose up around the end face of the piston plate Han Tang juice on 5 mm, shutdown, partition plate and scored on the mat, there is material removed