Almond Three-Stage Shelling Machine

MOQ:1 Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100
PortPort:Qingdao Port

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Product Details

Features of :

This machine contains hoist and 3 husking processing sections,by adjusting the roll gap at all levels of processing pressure,it doesn’t need Classification,You can complete a one-time processing. With low crushing rate,It is the ideal processing equipment for almond and walnuts.
The professional use of this machine is for broken the hard shells of nuts and fruits,like the apricot,almond,hazelnut,pistachio,camellia fruit,etc.
Almond sheller divided into one level hoisting machine, one, two, three level processing. Adjusting the clearance between processing compression roller of one two three so as two processes the ability to process three different types of almonds at the same time. With the introduction of chain driving, vibration out charging, this machine has a compact structure and perfect design, low crashing ratio and is the best almond processing equipment.
This machine include elevator, decorticating machine for almond and apricot pit and almond separation machine. The distance between the rollers of this machine ,can broken the different size shell of  the products.because the size of the shell is different,so it is better to broken the big size,then broken the smaller size.  
Almond Shelling Machine has reasonable design,with low damage rate.It is the most ideal hard nuts processing equipment currently.

Technical Data of :

Power Capacity Machine’s size Shelling Rate Broken Rate
5.25Kw 800-1000Kg/h 3300*2300*2600mm 98% 5%

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