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Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100
PortPort:Qingdao Port

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Features of :

With the extensive application of shelling machinery and the development of market, Castor Bean Shelling Machine also be used widely, but because many users don't have a good master the correct use of method of machinery, lead to mechanical problems in use after a period of time, or the performance of the machine itself is not founded, indirectly caused the fall of the efficiency of the mechanical and seriously affected the enterprise's economic benefit and social benefit. So the right use method of this machine should be grasped.
Points when we use:
1. Before using we must overhaul the solid pieces of machinery,whether the rotating parts are flexible, if there's enough lubricating oil and the bearing inner. Besides, we should put the machine is a flat ground when using.
2. Check the switch before opening the shelling machine.
3. In the operation to put materials appropriate evenly, avoid containing iron and stone etc.
4. After a period of using time, before we stop using must carries on the thorough cleaning as well as the appearance of dirt clean up, Including residual particles in mechanical cleaning, machinery must be stored in a dry and avoid to the sun.
This castor shelling machine is researched and developed specially for shelling castors, it help farmers and other people solve the problems of gourd harvest heavy labor intensity and production inefficiency well. Since the shelling been on market, it is popular with many customers and received good reputation from users. It has many advantages, such as hulling clean and high productivity, low loss and low breakage rate, whats better, the castor sheller has a simple structure, reliable usage, it also has convenient adjustment, besides, because it needs single-phase power supply, the electricity consumption is low, in addition, it has a small volume, light weight, easy to install and move.

Technical Data of :

Model  LG-200A LG-600A  LG-700A LG-1000A
Capacity 250-350kg/h 1000kg/h 1200kg/h 1800kg/h
Power 2.2KW 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW
Shelling Rate >95%
Breaking Rate <3%
Weight 130kg 260kg 350kg 450kg
Dimension of Feeding Hopper       2.6*0.45*0.45m
Dimension of machine 1.5*0.5*1.2m 1.5*1.1*1.8m 1.7*1.1*1.8m 2.0*1.7*1.8m

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