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  • Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
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  • Cellophane Wrapping Machine for Cosmetics Box

Automatic Small Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine for Cosmetic

This machine is a kind of automatic cellophane wrapping machine, which is ideal equipment for packing cosmetics, medicine box, cigarettes pack, tea box, etc

Model: Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Introduction of Automatic Cosmetics Cellophane Wrapping Machine
The machine is made of cellophane paper and OPP coating. It is a general-purpose device for three-dimensional packaging of cardboard boxes and packaging products of different specifications. Transparent paper (membrane) and a folded seal wire printed with graphic or holographic laser logo can be easily folded into a product and anti-counterfeiting function after being affixed by self-adhesive.
Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Features of Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
1, the machine is suitable for single or multiple (collective) automatic packaging;
2, mechanical cam drive principle;
3, servo motor control under the film, PLC man-machine interface control, can be adjusted under the film size;
4. The body consists of a stainless steel frame and a closed plexiglass protective cover;
5, the body platform, the contact parts of the package are aviation grade alumina material, smooth surface treatment, in line with GMP standards.
6, through the replacement of a small number of parts to complete the conversion of different specifications of packaging, simple and quick.
7, can be equipped with automatic rewinding machine, stacking machine, coding machine, easy cable, photoelectric tracking and other devices.
Automatic Cosmetics Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Application of Automatic Small Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine
This machine is suitable for wrapping medicines, health products, nutritional supplements, foods, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD tapes, poker, cigarettes and other small boxed items. It is an ideal box type three-dimensional packaging equipment.
Small Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Technical Data
Model LGB-400A
Capacity 15-35bag/min
Packing size (L)35-300mm(W)40-200mm(H)16-125mm
Power 380V 50-60Hz
Total power 6.5 kw
Heating power 3.5 kw
Working Air Pressure 0.5-0.75Mpa
Transmission rack 1650*350*950 mm
Size 2350*900*1650mm
Weight 800kg
Packing Material OPP/BOPP/PVC

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