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Commercial Cocoa Bean Roaster Process Equipment

Cocoa bean roasting equipment is fully automatic, fast heating, accurate temperature control, suitable for processing and roasting a variety of materials.

Model: LG-HLG6,LG-HLG8,LG-HLG11 Capacity: 100-150kg/h,150-200kg/h,200-300kg/h Function: By continuous mesh belt transmission heating to roast cocoa bean Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
The cocoa bean roasting equipment is a fully automatic roasting machine. It adopts continuous mesh belt transmission heating. There are two ways of cocoa bean roasting process, electric heating and air heating. It is suitable for a variety of materials, such as cocoa beans, peanuts, almonds, etc.
cocoa bean roasting machine
orking Principle of Commercial Cocoa Bean Roaster:
The cocoa beans are added from the inlet, and the heating device and the thermal circulation device make the hot air circulate evenly. The continuous stainless steel mesh belt conveys the material smoothly, and the hot air penetrates the material upward from the lower part of the mesh belt, effectively ensuring that the entire cocoa bean roasting process is evenly roasted.

Advantage of Commercial Cocoa Bean Roaster:
1. The temperature is adjustable. It can be adjusted between 0-300℃ according to the requirements of different materials.
2. Roast evenly. After roasting, the product has a uniform color and no damage.
3. Roast continuously. The continuous stainless steel mesh belt conveys, the roasting process is stable, and the material is prevented from rolling friction.
4. Fully automatic. Using automatic temperature control device, the heating speed is fast.
5. The heating mode is optional. There are two forms of electric heating and air heating, which can be customized according to customer needs.
cocoa roaster
Application of Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment:
This machine is suitable for drying and roasting cocoa beans, melon seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and other materials.
By electric or gas heating, continuous heating and hot air convection are used to roast the material, the roasted cocoa beans have a pure taste. No smear, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to operate.
Technical Data
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Air Consumption
LG-HLG6 2.6 100-150 6000*1500*1450 1500 2-4kg
LG-HLG8 2.97 150-200 8000*1500*1450 1700 3-5kg
LG-HLG11 4.08 200-300 11000*1500*1450 2000 6-8kg

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