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Our automatic wood chips machine also called wood shaving machine can used to cuts logs, stems, boards, waste boards, bamboo, cotton rods and other non-wood fiber stems into pieces of certain specifications.(all the size can according to customer needs.)
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The feature of our wood chips machine:
The raw material is wide particleboard, fiberboard, non-wood-based wood-based panels and pulp and paper can be used for peoducing. The structure is advanced, and the quality of the cutting material is high. Easy to operate and maintain, the machine consists of base, knife roll, up and down feeding roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system and other parts. The base is welded with a high-lamination steel plate, which is the supporting base of the whole machine; two flying knives are installed on the knife roller, and the flying knives are fixed on the knife roller by means of a pressure block and a specially manufactured flying knife bolt; According to the different thickness of the raw materials to be cut, the upper feed roller assembly can be floated up and down within a certain range by means of a hydraulic system; The cut piece passed through the screen mesh fell down, there is a bottom row, the large sheet will be cut in the machine.
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Technical Data of :

Model LG
Length of material 140cm
Diameter of material 45cm
Cutting head 4pcs
Blades 6pcs
Rotated speed 4500r/min
Diameter 140mm
Power 37kw
Thickness of finished shaving 0.5-5mm
Route of hopper 2200mm
Material feeding speed 6-15m/min
Dimension 1150*5150*1800mm
Weight 2850mm
Capacity 1000Kg-3000kg/h
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