Cotton Swab|Bud Making Machine LGS-1000

MOQ:1 Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100
PortPort:Qingdao Port

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Features of :

Introduction of cotton buds making machine:
1.The machine is our company developed the new machine, a specific according to the national hygiene standards manufacturing and design, high speed, high efficiency, high automation programs. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance of the characteristics of convenient adjustment. Can adjust the production speed. Cotton is a head full, bright and clean, even the size of the head and body of roller, cotton winding firm, won't appear falls off phenomenon. Product quality have all reached national standards.
 2.Check if the mesh belt in the outside which in the Suction outlet is ready to install,if the mesh belt is tight and pucker-free.
 3.Feed the cotton roll into the feeding strcture(we suggest the user turn back and forth the gear of cotton feeding,to check if the feeding strcuture can feed the cotton successfully,no stuck,and adjust the governor of cotton feeding to the homologous speed)
1.Pour into the glue(check whether the water tube is unobstructed, usually the ratio is glue and water is 1:200 or 1:150).
Put the absorbent cotton sliver into the cotton sending device(advise to turn the wheel gear of the cotton sending device by hand, to check the cotton send device whether unobstructed, and ajust the speed controller of sending device into suitable speed.)  thus, turn on the machine, it will forming cotton bud automatically. 
2.It will saving labor, with high working efficiency. 
3.The finished cotton swab is clean and tidy. 

Technical Data of :

Model LGS-1000
Power 2.3 kw 380 V
Capacity 1000-1200pcs/h
Materials bamboo pole, wood pole, plastic rod, paper stem
Size 1300 * 700* 2000 mm
Weight 500kg

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