High Quality Wood Shaving Machine LGW400

MOQ:1 Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100
PortPort:Qingdao Port

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Product Details

Features of :

High Quality Wood Shaving Machine LGW400 is a new type of wood working machinery, can process sticks, twigs, branches, logs and so on. Besides, It also can be used for the development of producing some raw materials, such as mushroom, shaving board, high density board, charcoal, etc. Mainly used for mass production of flakes with uniform thickness. The final product can be used as material of particleboard and paper pulp,and also used as bed for animals, such as pigs, cattle, sheep and horse, biomass energy as well.
1. Automatic feeding equipment, greatly improve the production speed, it also saves time and manpower
2. Simple operation, high productivity; compact structure, convenient maintenance
3. Energy-saving, small investment, good economic benefits 
4. High quality blade, long service life, cost saving
5. Shaving wood size can be adjusting by yourself, meet customer different requirements, high efficiency and high quality
6. Energy can be alternative of electric and diesel, meet the needs of customers of different countries and regions
7. Machine can work continuously and shorten work time, improve work efficiency and create more business value
8. Widely application, can processing logs, branches, edge into shavings, high speed, low loss rate.
We have 4 models for this kind of Wood Shaving Machine, LGW400, LGW600, LGW800, LGW1000 for your selection.

Technical Data of :

Model LGW400
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Cutter head diameter 400mm
Knife quantity 4pcs
Inlet size 160*200/150*180mm
Main shaft rotary speed 450r/min
Power 7.5-11kw
Dimension 200*700*800mm
Weight 220kg

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