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Wood Shaving Machine For Animal Bedding

New Design Wood Chipper Shredder is mainly used to make the logs, tree branch into wood shavings.Shaving machine, also called wood crusher machine, wood shaving machine, wood chips machine.

Model: 1 Set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Wood shaving machine is mainly used to make the logs, tree branch into wood shavings.Shaving machine, also called wood crusher machine. This kind of wood shaving machine can process wood club, wood branch, wood crotch, wood leftover material and other wood to be wood shavings with uniform thickness.
Wood shavings from this machine are with small size, and mainly used in shaving board, plywood, furniture manufacturing, paper manufacturing factory,as filling material in logistics field, for poultry breeding Bedding with different thickness, can be as Ignition content, etc.

Video: Wood Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

Widely use, our machine can produce small volume and light wood shavings, which can be used in paper mill, transportation filler and animal bedding etc, stable performance and low noise.
1.Automatic feeding equipment, greatly improve the production speed, it also saves time and manpower
2.Simple operation, high productivity; compact structure, convenient maintenance
3.Preventative System for Wood Jamming, conveyor feeding shavings out 
4.Energy-saving, small investment, good economic benefits 
5.Powerful working system, safety Protection, high quality blade, long service life, cost saving
6.Shaving wood size can be adjusting by yourself, meet customer different requirements, high efficiency and high quality
7.Energy can be alternative of electric and diesel, meet the needs of customers of different countries and regions
8.Machine can work continuously and shorten work time, improve work efficiency and create more business value
9.Widely application, can processing logs, branches, edge into shavings, high speed, low loss rate.
Technical Data
Model LG
Length of material 140cm
Diameter of material 45cm
Cutting head 4pcs
Blades 6pcs
Rotated speed 4500r/min
Diameter 140mm
Power 37kw
Thickness of finished shaving 0.5-5mm
Route of hopper 2200mm
Material feeding speed 6-15m/min
Dimension 1150*5150*1800mm
Weight 2850mm
Capacity 1000Kg-3000kg/h

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