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The Applications of Charcoal

  Charcoals is a kind of common fuel that are produced by charcoal production line.They are the outcomes of incomplete combustion or the air-free condition of woods.They have various useful functions as following.
  1.Metallurgical industry.
  In the past,charcoals were used to smelt iron ores.The pig irons smelted by coke have same compositions but different structures and machinery features.They generally have the features of fine structure,close casting and no cracks and are suitable for producing high-quality steel.Because of the reducibility of charcoals,they can be used for the reduction of minerals and smelting metals.
  In the industry of producing non-ferrous metals,charcoals are commonly used as the surface flux.Plenty of charcoals can also be used for silicon metal production.
  2.Carburizer production.
  All the steel products that demand for pretty high hardness and abrasive resistance surface and good tenacity of center need carburization.The carbon compounds used for the carburization of steel products are called carburizer.The effect of carburization of pure charcoal is not so good.So charcoals are used the material to make carburizer,adding proper amount of contact agent.
  3.Carbon disulfide production.
  Charcoals are the best original material of producing carbon disulfide.And the original charcoals should be hard enough,capacious,of little amount of ash and moisture and high amount of fixed carbon.Usually it takes about 0.5 ton of charcoals to produce 1 ton of carbon disulfide.
  4.Suppressing charcoal bricks.
  It’s very inconvenient to transport smashed charcoals,and the functions of charcoals will be limited.Using the method of suppressing charcoal bricks will change small smashed charcoals into high-quality fuel.Charcoal bricks have many advantages of little hygroscopicity,big proportion and high heat value.And during the procedure of using,they have very high machinery intensity.Burnt charcoal bricks are smoke-free when they are burning and won’t produce carbon dusts.Charcoal bricks can be used for metallurgy and mobile gasifier,etc.
  5.Charcoal drying agent.
  It’s environmental drying agent that is made up of several kinds of natural minerals.
  6.Medical valus.
  Charcoals can be used to cure many kinds of diseases.
  These various functions of charcoals have made them widely applied in many places.


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