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Chinese Olive oil market is fiery

Olive oil is of high nutritional value, known as "liquid gold" in the west". In recent years, China's olive oil market volume and price both rised. At the same time, the birth of a olive tree planting, related equipment (sorting machine, press machine, cold press production line) and other obvious market demand growth. In particular, the difference between the production process will directly affect the quality of olive oil is good or bad, so the performance of the equipment in the olive oil industry plays a very important role.
olive oil
Olive oil can promote blood circulation, improve the digestive system function, beauty, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other effects. Today, with the rapid development of international trade and the increasing awareness of the health of Chinese consumers, olive oil quickly swept the Chinese market, and showing a clear trend of volume and price trend.
The rapid growth rate and huge consumption potential of Olive oil in the Chinese market make the investor moved, At the same time, a variety of olive oil production, operators are not a minority. the key for consumers to how identify the quality of olive oil is to learn more about olive oil production process.
There are many kinds of olive oil, Mainly divided into virgin oil and pomace. Virgin oil mainly for food. From high to low is divided into extra virgin, extra virgin, virgin, lower refined olive oil and blend olive oil. The first three using cold pressing process, and the nutrients are completely preserved. The extra virgin olive oil with the first olive juice after repeated filtration. Especially the fruit class of extra virgin olive oil, better quality. Latter two are chemical leaching. Pomace oil is extracted from the residue by chemical leaching, Mainly used in industry, can only be used as a raw material for the production of specific industries, can not eat.
When we buy olive oil, try to choose virgin olive oil, especially the extra virgin, Virgin olive oil is cold pressed product of olive fruit, Whether it is the use of the original roller grinding process or modern machinery, have maintained a low temperature (usually 25 degrees below), without any chemical process, the integrity of the preservation of olive fruit nutrition and natural characteristics.

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