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Maintenance knowledge of vegetable cleaning machine

With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people are increasingly high demand for food health. Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine will usher in a broad market and application space.If country introducs a uniform standards according to the machine's performance and sterilization, enterprises invest time, energy and money to improve the manufacturing equipment, to achieve the proper application value, accepted by consumers. Then, fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment development opportunities in the spring will come true.
In recent years, the issue of food safety in the country, people pay more and more attention to food safety issues. The popularity of high-tech fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, just to meet the needs of consumers to strengthen food security, to become the first choice for healthy families. In order to meet the needs of the end consumer, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is also located at the beginning of the health of luxury goods, upgrade to the necessities of life, become one of the four standard kitchen health standards.
vegetableVegetable washing machine users know that the maintenance of equipment is particularly important. And the normal maintenance of the machine can greatly increase the service life of the equipment, it can be said that the maintenance of the machine is essential.
With the understanding of the machine, we can take the following several ways to maintain and adjust.
1. justment of the chain. The chain is adjusted after the motor is stopped, Press with your fingers in the middle of the two chain sprocket, the amount of compression is generally between 4 to 9 mm, when the compression amount exceeds the standard, we need to adjust the idler wheel to the specified compactness.
2. The replacement of the CVT. The first step of inspection and replacement of gas of Variable speed gear oil box is to stop the motor, In the case of strictly prohibited fireworks, tear down the oil plug.
3. Adjustment of Belt. When the motor is stopped, in the middle of the two pulley, the pressure of the finger (middle finger and index finger) is 7 ~ 12mm. When larger than the standard, adjusted to the specified tension of the idler wheel.

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