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Making Coconut Bran Particles Into Pellets

In the global scope, utilization of biomass energy benefit growth has brought some benefits, such as reducing dependence on imported oil to create jobs, create a bio fuel than coal and oil more employment and environmental benefits include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduce acid rain, soil improvement.

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A potential bio energy ,which can be used a raw material is coconut bran. Coconut bran is a biomass which is a by product of the processing of coconut fiber which has not fully utilized. The utilization of coconut bran is still limited for media of plant growing, therefore mostly coconut bran is disposed as a solid waste. Actually coconut bran could be used as a raw material for renewable energy sources.

To make coconut bran pellet as solid fuel,it should have important characteristics, namely high density particles, low moisture content, uniform particle size, high energy content, easy to store and long distance transport.Pelleting of coconut bran is a kind of densification process, improve the characteristics as a fuel, improve the calorific value of volume, transportation and warehousing costs, the less water content, improves the operability, higher density, friability, combustion efficiency. Biomass pellet made by biomass pellet processing machine is a means to reduce the volume of material handling, transportation and storage by means of a convenient handling machine.The finished pellet can be used as feed pellets for animals,as organic fertilizer pellets and as fuel pellets.Use the coconut bran to make pellets to save the resources and protect the environment. 


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