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Rice huller|Hemp Seeds Hulling Machine|Coffee Bean Dehulling

Rice huller|Hemp Seeds|Coffee Bean Dehulling Machine LG-5

Model: Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Rice huller|Hemp Seeds|Coffee Bean Dehulling Machine is mainly used for hulling many kind of rice,coffee bean,hemp seed and buckwheat.
This model rice huller widely used in the farm,rice store and rice processing factory.
This model rice hulling and polishing machine can hulling-milling(removing testa of the rice)-polishing rice.
3 pcs rubber roller,same to hulling twice.
Lower noise
Adjust the revolving speed of the roller can change the rice’s output
Output Rate:1.brown rice: 80%-82% 2.milled rice with embryo: 75% 3.white rice(polished rice): 68%-75%
Treatment effect:Rice>coffee bean>buckwheat>hemp seeds.
Our company’s patent Product , small three rubber roller huller machine,  equivalent to two roller shell huller machine two times .
A can thoroughly clean little noise separation chaff . 
The body to all the seal type, chaff dust and all in a bag inside, use or the appearance of the room without dust, environmental sanitation little noise
Huller machine’s warehouse door can be very convenient open, and the door with glass, use very convenient adjustment . 
Roller thick rubber hierarchy, and long service life. 
Beautiful outlook, cover an area of an area small.

We also have automatic hemp seeds shelling machine for commercial for choice.
Technical Data
Model Packaging Capacity
LG-400 Wooden  300-400 500*500*1020 102

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